Hey Chris,

We were way more than happy with your services, you were awesome! Everyone was dancing and having a great time, and that is exactly what we wanted… thank you soooooo much! You did a great job with the ceremony music, keeping us on schedule : ) and playing perfect music at the best volume. We were both extremely pleased with how everything turned out!
— Yvette and Daniel

An elegant addition to any room. 

Wireless Up Lighting is a new Chris Laich Music Services option and is only offered to our DJ clients. Click here to view just a few of the sites we have done. (Note: Since I am not a photographer, the pictures are not great, but they will give you a decent idea of how they look!)

The right lighting can transform a great wedding reception area into a luxurious and elegant experience that can take your guests’ breath away. Up lighting adds warmth to a ballroom, with a wash of light in the color of your choice accenting walls, columns, and architectural features.
They will also compliment your color scheme, and create a stunning effect by adding a whole level of design and elegance, transforming a plain room into an artistic gala. We can also place them outside to light up trees or into bushes and shrubbery.

We can supply up to 60 modern LED, wireless, battery operated up lights. Our lights require no
power outlets, thus there will be NO unsightly chords for guests to see and/or trip over.
We only use the modern, tri-colored, LED lighting fixtures which are small, discrete, use no electricity (your venue manager will love this), and offer a wide range of colors. We can also simultaneously change the color of all the lights via our Ipad. You can choose from many different colors to perfectly compliment your style, theme, or the desired feel you’re looking to achieve.

Also, since they are battery powered, they operate virtually “cold” thus you NEVER have to worry about curious kids burning themselves.

Site managers are also very impressed since they are wireless and are set up/taken down so quickly. Some lighting companies may take 2 techs and a few hours to wire up what we do wirelessly in 10 minutes.

There are no cords for your guests to trip over. Every light fixture is Battery Powered! Since the lights are battery powered, they are not limited on the locations around the room for setup. This is especially helpful for outdoor settings or large areas where power is not readily accessible.