“Flawless transitions!!!”

"......by far the best our guests have ever heard!  We got some many compliments on the music selection; but also on how well the songs blended together...."

— Dave and Michelle

“Seriously the best dance party ever!”

"We had such a variety of music we wanted the DJ to play and were worried before we met Chris!  He assured us that we would hear all the music we ask for and it would be arranged in the perfect order.  His confidence was completley justified, as we got endless comments from guests.  Our Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Unlces, Cousins, and all of our work friends had the BEST time.  That is truly what we wanted.  The right music at the right time certainly made THE difference!"

— Marissa and Stephen


“... Aaron played ALL of our Latin AND American requests”

"....With our mixed crowd of Latino and American guests we needed a variety of music and Aaron played exactly what we ask with perfect timing.  We heard from so many people with different backgrounds how much they enjoyed the dancing!  That made us so happy and was exactly what we expected from the DJ......"

— Elizabeth and Ricardo


"....we were so happy with Bill's song selections!  We just gave him an idea what we liked and he totally ran with it.  The floor was full just about all night and I know all ages had fun!  We could not have asked for a more perfect set list...." 

— Stephanie and Darren