Shaun & Tara

Chris is so GREAT!!! A few of our guests told us – “Not only was this the best wedding that I’ve been to, it was the best party I’ve ever been to”. With the over 200 guests we had at The Willard; I’m so glad we went with Chris instead of some of the others we met that ‘claimed’ to do what Chris does. He had music for everyone and didn’t play the cheesy dance songs you hear at most weddings. The set up and sound were pristine, he started dance time with music for the older guests; but to close the dance floor out, it was our younger friends and us. This is exactly how we wanted it! He is very professional and his knowledge of knowing what to play and more importantly when to play it was very impressive. It was with out a doubt the best day of our lives and having Chris there (thus not having to worry about a single thing) was worth twice as much as we paid him. You WILL NOT find a more sophisticated and talented Wedding DJ in this area (trust me, I met all that claimed to be!!) and I highly recommend using him. You will not be disappointed!

chris laich