Washington DC Wedding Photorgrapher Resource

We recently came across an interesting Washington, DC (and even nationwide) wedding photography resource – Best of Wedding Photography.

The site is an invitation-only photographer resource.  Of course, our first question was, who decides what photographers are invited? According to the Best of Wedding Photography site, they use a:

“Best of Wedding Photography employs a unique system of peer-review to ensure that membership standards remain uncommonly high. We look for photographers who are leaders in the field – both in terms of the quality and style of imagery they produce and their level of success and recognition by brides, fellow photographers, and others in the wedding industry.”

Potential Best of Wedding Photography wedding photographers are voted on by a panel, and those accessed are then listed on the Best of Wedding Photography site.

There are a lot of wedding vendor resource sites out there, and with everything couples pour into their wedding day, it’s worth exploring available credible information on the vendors they choose.  This is why we thought we’d pass Best of Wedding Photography on!

You can read more about their selection process and recommended Washington,DC wedding photographers here.