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McLean Hilton Wedding – DJ Set Up

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Boasting Härth, a new seasonally grown, locally sourced restaurant, and a recently renovated lobby, the McLean Hilton in Tysons Corner is a sophisticated event venue.

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Stylish, versatile and convenient, this hotel is also a great place for a wedding!

Recently, Chris Laich Music Services was at the McLean Hilton to help a couple celebrate their marriage. Using our wireless Bose speakers, we made sure every speech was heard and the dance floor kept moving…while remaining as invisible as possible.

Below are a few shots of our speaker and equipment set up during cocktails and the reception. If you’d like to see more set-ups in DC-area wedding sites, visit our Washington, DC Event Venues section.


Wedding at McLean Hilton, Virgina, Wedding DJ - Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Virgina, Wedding DJ – Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Tysons Corner Virgina, Wedding DJ, Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Virgina, Wedding DJ – Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Tysons Corner Virgina, Wedding DJ, Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Virgina, Wedding DJ – Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Tysons Corner Virgina, Wedding DJ, Chris Laich Music Services

Wedding at McLean Hilton, Virgina, Wedding DJ – Chris Laich Music Services

Cambridge Hyatt at the Chesapeake Bay

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Historic mansions, stately buildings and gracious country estates aren’t the only wedding venues in the Washington, DC area. We’ve got some of the most gorgeous waterfront around, too – Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay isn’t just your average hotel – it’s also a golf resort, spa, and marina. Right on the Chesapeake Bay, the Hyatt in Cambridge, Maryland is great place for a destination wedding that is just outside DC’s back door.

When Chris Laich Music Service was there a little while ago for an event, we snapped a few shots of our wireless Bose speakers set up for our client’s cocktail hour and reception. As usual, we were careful to keep everything as unobtrusive as possible without compromising sound coverage or clarity, and as you can see our equipment blends right in!

Of course our images aren’t nearly as good as the ones Greg Gibson took – check back this Thursday to see them!

cambridge hyatt 4

Chris Laich Music Services equipment set up, Chesapeake Bay Hyatt

cambridge hyatt 2

Chris Laich Music Services equipment set up, Chesapeake Bay Hyatt

cambridge hyatt 3

Chris Laich Music Services equipment set up, Chesapeake Bay Hyatt

cambridge hyatt 1

Chris Laich Music Services equipment set up, Chesapeake Bay Hyatt

Weddings at the Park Hyatt

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

If gracious, sophisticated, and sumptuous paired with a very personal, conscious approach to wedding planning describes the wedding venue of your dreams, then you should run to Michael Deltette at the Park Hyatt in Washington, DC!

For its 2006 renovation, the intention was to create a hotel with a residential feel that set apart from other traditional luxury hotels in Washington, DC.  Tony Chi, a man who has designed some of the world’s premier hotels, was enlisted to mastermind the Park Hyatt’s metamorphosis.  His thoughtfully and meticulously planned transformation resulted in something truly special.

Park Hyatt Washington Lobby

image via the Park Hyatt Washington, DC

Set in the heart of  the city’s West End near Georgetown, the Park Hyatt is an elegant oasis right in the middle of the city. Its interior is a harmonious balance of contemporary and classic.  Touches of Americana like authentic Shaker furniture and rich, textured art installations add depth and warmth to a space filled with wood, glass, and chrome.  One of the art works, a Cherry Blossom cube, is a multi-layered piece perfect for the bride to be photographed in!

Then there’s the food. Described by Michael as a “genius,” Executive Chef Brian McBride’s award winning cuisine at Blue Duck Tavern is farm to table and unbelievably delicious. That same locally sourced, market-based menu is also served at Park Hyatt weddings, so you can serve your guests up some very special fare while being environmentally conscious to boot.

When choosing a venue or caterer, you can’t forget the staff! At a wedding, the food should be delightful, but so should the experience.  Members of the Park Hyatt’s team sincerely love their work, taking great pride in their craft.  In fact, the Banquet Captain, Rattana, has been at the hotel for 20 years!  The benefit being, of course, that events at the Park Hyatt are run with an efficiency and experience tough to beat.

Obviously, on its own, the Park Hyatt is a magnificent wedding venue. However, we are not exaggerating when we say that Michael Deltette is weddings at the Park Hyatt.  Like hot fudge and ice cream, they are great alone, but together it’s something else altogether!

Park Hyatt Washington DC wedding

image via the Park Hyatt Washington, DC

“Director of Catering” does not quite describe Michael’s approach to working with clients. Instead, it should be something more along the lines of “Omniscient Wedding Vizier,” or something equally extraordinary.  Because, really, what he does is marvelous.

Michael works with every bride and groom from start to finish, helping them not only with their menu and venue planning, but also with the overall event planning, management, and execution.  All of that is provided with the personal commitment of a trusted friend who has the couple’s interests always in mind.

He recently told us that he tells his clients, before they do anything, to sit down together or with their families to decide what is most important to them, then to spend their money on that for their wedding day.  He emphasizes to them that how much fun they have and the love and joy that surrounds them on that day is what is most important. With integrity and heartfelt advice like that, it’s no wonder that October 16 marks the 203rd wedding of his career!

Still don’t believe me that Michael Deltette does it all? One of his recent brides-to-be arrived at the hotel with her pup in tow.  The pet sitter had to cancel at the last minute! Since the Park Hyatt is dog friendly (they have a dog happy hour where a portion of the proceeds goes to the Washington Animal Rescue League; Michael even gets to bring his beagle, Spencer, with him to work sometimes), of course it was no problem.

Fast forward to post-ceremony, and Michael is in the bridal suite with his client, bustling her gown, when they realize the pooch has not been out since checking in several hours ago. After the bride went off to her reception, Michael was soon out walking down 24th Street with the bride’s bouquet in one hand and her dog’s leash in the other!

That magical combination of the Park Hyatt’s conscious attitude toward its business, food, and guests and Michael and his staff’s authentic mindset elevates the Park Hyatt to one of Washington, DC’s superior wedding venues.  Michael truly is a pleasure to work with, and Chris Laich Music Services always looks forward to deejaying weddings at the Park Hyatt Washington, DC!

{Real Wedding} Christine & Jason at the Fairmont

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010


image by Elaine Studley

This past weekend, Chris Laich Music Services was at the Fairmont Hotel for Christine and Jason’s wedding.

They had a blast!


image by Elaine Studley

After the dinner concluded, we opened with the Tarantella, a traditional Italian folk dance and one of the bride and groom’s requests. With a big Italian contingent at the wedding, the floor filled up faster than we’ve ever seen with people ready to celebrate. Once they got there, they had so much fun they didn’t stop dancing until the end of the night!


image by Elaine Studley


image by Elaine Studley


image by Elaine Studley

One of my closest friends in the industry, Bob Mikolitch here at the Fairmont, did a fantastic job on the event as always. The service was absolutely top-notch and food was scrumptious! Janet Flowers created the gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets. WOW! It was such a great wedding with such a fun crowd. Elaine Studley covered the picture duties and the shots are breathtaking!

I grabbed a few quick pics to show our Bose wireless speakers set up for the ceremony and reception. This is a site where the DJ HAS to have additional speakers. 2 speakers cranked up is NOT a viable solution in the Colonnade room at the Fairmont.

fairmont 16


fairmont 13

Congratulations to Michael Deltette!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010
Sometimes in the wedding industry, the party is for one of us!

Michael Deltette, an event superstar and true professional, recently moved from his position at the chic Mandarin Oriental to the role of Director of Catering at the very elegant and fashionable Park Hyatt Hotel in DC.

image by Elaine Studley

To celebrate, his new team at the Park Hyatt threw a stylish summer cocktail soiree and asked us to provide the music. We had worked with Michael several times over the years at the Mandarin Oriental, so it was our pleasure to help with an event welcoming him to his new hotel! To create a smooth, cosmopolitan, “loungy” vibe in the room, we focused on tracks byimage by Elaine Studley artists like Thievery Corporation and St. Germaine.

While at the party, we finally got to meet the sweet and very talented Elaine Studley!  In the funny way business works sometimes, we had emailed back and forth for years, and though my associates had worked with her, she and I never met in person.  It was great to finally put a face to all the emails.

A heartfelt congratulations on Michael’s move, and we look forward to continuing to work with him at the Park Hyatt in DC!

event images by Elaine Studley

Meet Alison Okobi of The Hay-Adams Hotel

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

The Hay-AdamsThe Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, DC has a rich history and an incredible view of the White House! When it opened its doors in 1928, the Hay-Adams hosted luminaries such as Amelia Earhart, Ethel Barrymore, and Charles Lindbergh.  With a rooftop space overlooking Washington’s most famous landmarks, elegant event spaces, and luxurious guest rooms, the Hay-Adams is a wonderful place to have a wedding.  We are pleased to have Alison Okobi, Director of Catering, share a little more about her hotel!

Image by Steve Canning

image via Steve Canning Photography

CL: It is always so interesting to hear how people began working in the wedding industry! What led you to work in events at the Hay-Adams?

AO: I had actually worked with Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton before joining The Hay-Adams.  I actually fell in love with The Hay-Adams when I was planning my own wedding and then they called me to join their team.  I think it is a great testimonial to our brides that I looked at all the beautiful homes and museums in Washington and selected the what I feel is a truly unique location in The Hay-Adams.

CL: What makes the Hay-Adams such a special place to have a wedding?

AO: Rich history, quiet elegance and breathtaking view.

CL:  What is your favorite space in the hotel to have events?

AO: The view from our Roof Terrace is simply the best in the city.

CL:  I couldn’t agree more…The White House is just across the park! We’ve seen TLC’s “Masters of Reception” and how crazy it can get behind the scenes. How do you keep everything running so smoothly?

AO: We have a very talented culinary team and organized banquet department.  They provide excellent service so we don’t have too many stressful scenes.

Image by Freed Photography

image by Freed Photography

CL: What do you think is a must for all wedding receptions?

AO: A smile on your face.  Enjoy it and don’t let the stress get to you.

CL: Excellent advice! Share with us one technique you use to relax (or relax your clients) on the day of the wedding?

AO: Just re-assure them we are taking of the details, stay calm and drink champagne.

CL: Champagne is the perfect way to stay calm – a nice drink and a reminder that it’s a celebration. What are some of your favorite details or trends you have seen this year?

AO: Keeping things seasonal and local – I love to see cheeses from local farms and the use of Barboursville Virginia wines to set the tone of an affair.  Also, seasonal elements in floral – persimmons and wheat to give texture to fall floral arrangements.

CL: What is your favorite first dance song?

AO: The Way you Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra . . . a true classic!

CL: Where do you stand: the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

AO: I actually love both. The Beatles are amazing but I could listen to The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What you Want” on repeat all afternoon.

CL: A great song by the Stones!

Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography

image by Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography